Here at Precision Firearms LLC we do things a little different. Precision Firearms is a client based business, meaning we do not sell PRODUCTS to CUSTOMERS, instead we take pride in working with CLIENTS to get what they want for the price they deserve. Since we started operations in 2012 we have not left this standard of business and do not plan on deviating from our current path. We are a low overhead, home based dealer/gunsmith providing the ultimate client service and low prices to help you achieve Peace through Precision!


What's going on with Precision Firearms!

- We are changing gears a little bit here. We are currently looking into the production of our own line of custom rifle parts. Aside from that we specialize in building custom rifles for those that demand excellence from their rifle and do not want to settle for that typical out of the box, budget AR. If you demand excellence from your black rifle then we can build you one. We also offer free consultation for customized black rifle project build sheets. Meet with us today to put your build together. Whether you want to build your own rifle, have us build one for you or build your own rifle with help from a professional we can help. Call or email today!

- Precision Firearms now offers payment plans for firearm purchases and rifle builds. Pay whatever you want whenever you want. When your payments total the cost of the purchase you can come pickup your weapon. For rifle builds: when the total cost of parts is paid we will order your build parts and begin the build. Once total cost of the rifle is paid you can pick up your weapon. This is a great way for the good "budgeter" to get the arsenal they want at a rate they can afford.

Here is a typical plan:

$50 a week paid by cash or check towards the purchase of a Glock 19 Gen 3

TOTAL COST OF FIREARM: $529.00 divided by your $50 payments = Just over 10.5 payments

Within 3 months you would own a brand new Glock 19 Gen 3

Payment plans are always subject to current market prices and fluctuation in such market

- We offer firearm transfers. We will only ship firearms to or receive firearms from valid FFL holders. Transfer fee is $25.00 per weapon up to 3 total weapons, $90 for 4 - 5 weapons, $150 for 6 - 9 weapons and $200 for 10 weapons and over. Transfer fees are payable via cash or credit/debit card. We do not charge credit card fees.

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