I see you decided to click on the ABOUT US link. AWESOME!! Well, as I mentioned on the home page, we are a family owned and operated, home based, Federally Licensed Gunsmith. We keep it simple around here.

Now I want to pause for a moment and clear something up. A lot of people seem to shy away from the "Home Based" persona. We operate exactly like your neighborhood gun store only in a more intimate setting... our HOME!! We buy the exact same guns and accessories from the exact same distributors and manufacturers and are regulated and audited by the BATFE just the same as your traditional brick and mortar store. Only we have less overhead and like to pass that savings on to the customer.

We got our license back in 2012 really just to see where it all went and to dive into what I really enjoy doing, Gunsmithing. It's been a great ride, learned a ton and got to do some really awesome stuff. I look forward to many more years of keeping it simple, keeping the overhead down and transferring that savings to my customers.

Here at Precision Firearms, LLC we believe in the personal touch and unparalleled customer service that only sitting down together and discussing your needs can bring. We are not interested in selling you the latest and greatest accessory or service and shipping you out the door just to put money in the bank. We want you to be happy with your purchase and/or our services. We do just about everything by appointment only. Which is not hard to get because we are around alot. Just give us call and allow us to help you achieve Peace through Precision.






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