MILLER: Gun grabber says mags over 10 rounds are only for 'domestic terrorists and gangsters'

by Emily Miller at the Washington Times



          Monday, February 17, 2014

          Gun-control advocates frequently use scare tactic to mislead the public into supporting laws that unnecessarily restrict Second Amendment rights.

           In New Jersey, the most stringent firearms laws in the country don't satisfy the rabid activists there. They are pushing to lower the legal magazine size from 15 to 10.

           "Our top priority is a 10-round limit on magazine size," Bryan Miller, executive director of Heeding God's Call, told NJ.com on Friday. The group's sole purpose is pushing for more gun control. Its primary tactic is to hold "prayer vigils" outside firearms dealers.

           "Nobody needs a 15-round ammunition magazine unless they are a domestic terrorist or a gangster," Mr. Miller claimed.

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This article was taken from RevolutionRadio.org and was originally written by Emily Miller at the Washington Times

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