Tiffany Blue Kahr PM9: The Best of Both Worlds

by Precision Firearms




            If you have seen this photograph that is going around of the Kahr Arms PM9 in Tiffany Blue, like myself you probably got curious. I mean, how exciting would that be for any woman gun enthusiast to get?! It truly brings the best of both worlds, the pretty and the down and dirty.

            Before you start searching high and low for this gun, let me stop you now… You will not be able to find it anywhere. The Tiffany Blue that every woman would be envious of was specially made by "veteran-owned Kilo Guns in Phoenix, Arizona" as I found out from Susanne at Cheaper than Dirt. "Tiffany and Co. had nothing to do with the creation of the gun".  How disappointing is that to find out, here I was thinking, finally a nice firearm with glitzy and glamorous style!

            So if you do still desire the Kahr or any other gun to be Tiffany blue you will just need to buy your desired weapon and contact Wyatt at Kilo Guns.  The box and jewelry is something you will have to add yourself. No worries if this blue is not for you, he can replicate much more than just a color. They have very elaborate and imaginative design schemes! "A single color process starts at $100", says Susanne, and it goes up from there.

As always stay safe and prepared out there and remember: Peace through Precision!








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